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“Live music is better.”

Neil Young, musician

The revolution is live

It’s time to save live music. It’s time to give venues and performers a new way to be rewarded for every wonderful moment they create. Not just on the night. We’re talking revenue for life.

Sounds wild? Maybe. But in reality it’s as easy as E-A-B7 thanks to digital technology and decentralised finance.

This is the mission of a not-for-profit DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation). We believe the live music industry is ready for disruption. Now.

We’re here to shake things up. To create wealth within communities through the power of performance. To give venues and artists the opportunity to thrive rather than struggle to survive.

The old models are exploitative. Those who pull the levers right now don’t want to change. It’s time to blow them off stage.

Introductory paper

This is the first chord crunching into life: how we see working. The methodology. The transparency. The opportunity.

Please read it. And once you have, we’d love to know what you think. So do get in touch.

Read our Intro Paper now

Meet the co-founders is the brainchild of long-time friends and collaborators, Irfon Watkins, founder of acclaimed blockchain companies DOVU and tapmydata, and Ian Matthews, drummer of chart-topping UK rock band Kasabian.

Not only are they striving to reinvent the live music model, they’re also restoring a disused chapel in Llanwrtyd Wells in Mid-Wales and converting it into a live music venue for exclusive gigs. Expect an opening night sometime in Autumn 2021.

The chapel will also sit at the heart of our creative and cultural community.

What next?

This is the start of what will be an amazing and transformational journey. We say live music is precious. It deserves better than to struggle in the current landscape.

We believe our innovative business model will bring it soaring back to life. Here’s to the venues, performers and fans. Let’s make it happen.

If you’re excited by the possibilities, please do get in touch.

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